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FIRST LEGO League 2016 - Team Xtreme

FIRST LEGO League 2016 – Team Xtreme

The FIRST Lego League is held annually worldwide. In South Africa the top 6 teams from each region compete at the Nationals in Joburg and the top 2 National teams go on to the Internationals.


The FLL Regionals took place on Saturday 5 November at the Cape Town Science Centre.  Each year they have a different challenge based on a real-world scientific topic and this year the challenge was Animal Allies. Each challenge has 3 parts: the robot game, the project and the core values. The project is where the team has to develop a solution or identify an existing solution to a real world problem.


24 Teams participated and they each had to choose an animal that humans interact with. Team Xtreme chose the interaction between humans and chickens and the problem associated with battery-caged chickens.  This is where they connected with Elgin’s vision and wanted to create further awareness for this existing solution. The day was a great success – the teams had great camaraderie and team spirit amongst each other – Team Xtreme finished in 12th position.


The boys were very proud of their choice of animal and will themselves remain ambassadors for the humane and ethical treatment of these birds.

On behalf of Team Xtreme – THANK YOU for your support in your time and generosity.

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