At Elgin Free Range Chickens, quality is at the heart of everything we do. From the very beginning, we've been committed to giving our birds a good quality of life. That's why we've been South Africa's most-trusted free range chicken producer for over 20 years.

To us, being authentically free range means more than just free-roaming. Our chickens are free from stress, and free to behave naturally. They're also raised on a high quality, maize-based diet that's free from routine antibiotics, animal by-products, and growth promoters. This keeps our chickens and their immune systems healthy, the natural way.

We are currently the leading exclusively free range chickens supplier in the country, because to us, free range is a lifestyle, not a label.


At Elgin Free Range Chickens, our practices are grounded in our principles.
We work with nature, not against it, to give our birds the best quality of life.

We only feed our chickens a natural, all-grain diet

We never add routine antibiotics, animal by-products, fish-meal or growth promoters (AGPs) to our chickens’ diet. Instead, we feed our birds a nutritional grain-based diet that boosts their immune systems naturally. This is supplemented by daily foraging for bugs, seeds, berries, and nibbles of plants.

Our chickens are raised without abnormal discomfort

We ensure that our chickens always have enough space to roam, peck, and preen comfortably. We have a strict maximum bird density per square metre in our chicken houses, and at least double the space for them to forage in the fresh air during the day.

Our chickens are free to roam outdoors

Unlike commercial chickens that are kept in environmentally-controlled houses, our chickens are given a healthy dose of Vitamin D by spending each day in real sunshine and fresh air. We also make sure they have plenty of bushes for perching, shade, and shelter.

Our chickens are free to behave naturally

Our chickens are given grass ranges to roam, peck, and dust-bathe which helps them preen and maintain their features, soothes their skin, and cools them down on hot days. We also ensure that they have at least 6 hours of continuous darkness at night so that they get adequate rest. During this time, no bright lights are allowed to be turned on around the chicken houses.

Our chickens are protected from pain, injury and disease

Our birds are routinely monitored by specialised poultry veterinarians. Our vets work together with our growers to improve farming practices so that our birds are always the healthiest and happiest that they can be. By raising our birds in a stress-free environment with quality nutrition, we allow their immune systems to flourish naturally. We even plant specially selected herbs around their houses, such as Lion’s Ear, which is traditionally used to relieve respiratory problems, headaches and high blood pressure.

Our chickens are free from fear and distress

Our chickens naturally migrate back to their houses at night for warmth and safety. This is also where they keep themselves dry when it’s raining or unpleasant outside. We understand that harvesting birds can be a particularly stressful time if not managed sensitively. When this time comes, we catch our birds individually and in the dark at night when the birds are calm and restful to eliminate any unnecessary stress.


They are raised in a spacious,
stress-free environment

To us, being authentically free range means more than just free-roaming. It also means stress-free, and free to behave naturally.

We work with nature to keep our birds healthier and happier, which in the long run also improves the flavour and texture of the meat.

Our chickens are only given a high quality, grain-based diet

We only use a top of the range all-grain diet which boosts their natural immune systems so that there’s no need to add routine antibiotics, fish meal or growth promoters.

We also encourage foraging for natural herbs, berries and seeds for a well-balanced diet.

We follow high quality
production practices

Our high quality standards don’t just stop at our chickens’ quality of life.

We are against the use of brine injections. We believe instead in providing 100% chicken with its delicious natural flavour.

We also air chill our chickens as opposed to water chilling to maintain the quality of the meat.


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