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 Our Vision

Our vision is to introduce as many people as possible to free range chicken and its associated benefits, and to become recognised as the most trusted producer of authentic free range chickens in South Africa.

At Elgin Free Range Chickens we do not use the term ‘free range’ loosely. In fact, we take it very seriously.

Not only are we the largest independent free range chicken farming operation in South Africa, but we also pride ourselves on the excellence of our operations and our state-of-the-art facilities. We make every effort to ensure our rigorous quality standards are met:

  • Stringent quality control and food safety measures are in place at every step of the way to ensure consumers receive what they are promised: Stress-free, antibiotic-free, animal by-product free, fish meal free, growth promoter free and unmistakably tasty chicken.
  • We are a ISO 22 000 certified company, and have strict monitoring procedures and do regular daily checks on all aspects of quality.
  • We guarantee quality through our Department of Agriculture Certification, Halaal Certification and our Free Range Certification by LTL Auditors (Woolworths’ independent free range auditors).
  • It is our moral obligation to therapeutically treat unwell chickens. When a chicken falls ill, we work very closely with our avian veterinarian. Medication is administered through water supply, with firm adherence to withdrawal periods.
  • We take our reputation for customer service, consumer care and producing world-class quality products very seriously.

Our Mission

Humane and Ethical

Our Values

E – Excellence

We strive to be outstanding & to excel in our work

Q – Quality

Superior quality is our responsibility, with no excuses

U – Unquestionable Integrity

We always do the right thing, even when it is challenging

I – Innovation

We innovate to lead in the marketplace & to distinguish ourself

P – Passion

Passion is our energy & driving force

P – Professionality

We encourage building professional & respected relationships with customers, suppliers & business partners

E – Ethical

Our mission is to be humane & ethical in all our processes & in the decisions we make, from farm to fork

D – Diversity

In diversity we see dynamics & synergy & we come together to grow from strength to strength


Elgin Free Range Chicken

Fresh Chicken

Feeding chickens


Elgin Free Range Chicken

Fresh Chicken

Feeding chickens