Elgin Free Range Chickens are available at South Africa’s leading retailers and select deli’s. If you are struggling to find an outlet that stocks Elgin Free Range Chickens, feel free to contact us and we will point you in the right direction.


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Drum and Thigh
Leg Quarters
Family Braai
Cocktail Wings
Skinless Drum and Thigh


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Breast Fillets
Mini Breast Fillets
Thigh Fillets



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BBQ Sausage
Garlic and Herb Sausage
Coriander Lime and Rosemary Sausage
Spicy Sticky Wings


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Moroccan Drumsticks
Sweet Chilli Drumsticks
Breast Fillet Kebabs


Liver tubs


Our Restaurant Product Range

We are currently not making use of any distributor to supply the restaurant/hospitality industry. We supply and directly deliver our dedicated and specially designed restaurant product range ourselves.

  • Whole Birds
    Individually bagged and packed in bulk bag
  • Breast Fillets
    8 units packed in a vacuum bag
    2 size ranges: 80-110g, 110-140g
  • Drumsticks
    8 units packed in a vacuum bag
  • Thighs
    8 units packed in a vacuum bag
  • Wings
    10 units packed in a vacuum bag
  • Cocktail Wings
    15 drummettes & 15 winglets, packed in a vacuum bag
  • Leg Quarters
    4 units packed in a vacuum bag
  • Deboned Skinless Thigh Fillets
    20 units packed in a vacuum bag
  • Liver
    Packed in a 1kg vacuum bag
  • Supremes
    4 units packed in a vacuum bag
    2 size ranges: 150-205g, 205-250g
  • Spatchcock Plain
    1 unit packed in a vacuum bag
  • Chicken stock/bones
    Consist out of breast bone, back bone & meat cuts
    Packed in 2kg bulk bag
  • Chicken Necks
    Packed in 1kg vacuum bag
  • Rotisserie Whole Bird
    Butter brine injected whole bird, individually bagged
  • Breakfast Chipolatas
    Packed in 400-500g punnets