chicken farm

How it all started

In 1997 Jeanne Groenewald, a wife and mother of two, decided to start rearing free range chickens in her back yard.

The year 2000 established the state of the art Elgin Poultry Abattoir in Grabouw, and today EFRC supplies almost 100,000 free range chickens per week to leading South African retailers, select deli’s and some of the Cape’s top restaurants.

Jeanne’s humane farming practices and the stringent quality control measures in place at every step of her operations, ensures that consumers receive exactly what Jeanne set out to achieve: Drug-free, stress-free, antibiotic-free, animal by-product-free and unmistakably healthy tasting chicken.

Concerned about her family’s wellbeing, she had become increasingly worried about the health impact of processed foods. When she reached the point where she point-blankly refused to feed her children any mass-produced chemically enhanced meat, Jeanne decided to start experimenting with the free range practice. After tasting her plump and healthy chickens, friends and family started placing orders. Jeanne knew she was onto something when she realized how great the demand was for humanely-reared chicken devoid of chemical enhancement.

Armed with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a BSc Agriculture in animal physiology and genetics, Jeanne ultimately grew her small project into one of the South African poultry industry’s greatest success stories. This successful women-owned entrepreneurial endeavor is constantly advocating a powerful contribution in the drive towards truly free range.

Jeanne has won several awards for her work.

Jeanne’s team and staff are skilled and just as highly passionate about the Free Range practice – meet the management team that set Elgin Free Range Chickens apart from the rest here

The staff are the hub of our company, fundamental in everyday successes and EFRC have a nurturing culture ensuring that skills development and empowering their staff, their extended families and community are part of an everyday culture. Find out more about joining our team here.