Thembacare Grabouw

Located in a rural area east of Cape Town, ThembaCare Grabouw serves as the only overnight 24-hour hospice facility in a town of 65,000. This seven-bed hospice is designed to provide quality palliative care for those who are terminally ill and whose lives have been devastated by HIV/AIDS and TB. We also have a large team of home-based carers who make weekly visits to more than 350 people living with HIV, TB and chronic illness in the townships of Grabouw.


Agape Family Ministries Grabouw

Elgin Free Range Chickens is privileged and proud to be associated and to be involved with Agape Family Ministries since 2013. Agape, a non government organisation, was founded by Gerrit and Amie Coetzee in 1994 to provide care for children with special needs in and around Pineview, Grabouw (Western Cape). Agape is exposed to these needs, the struggles and the poverty in this area on a daily basis and they make every effort to assist the community in whatever way possible. Elgin Free Range Chickens is assisting in small way, by sponsoring one of the Agape teachers. The feedback from Agape and what the teacher achieved in this year is truly extraordinary.



At the beginning of 2015 a learning centre was established. Carla Cameron, a retired teacher, is the facilitator at the Centre. On various occasions we were commended for the smooth running of the centre.

We started with a group of students enrolled for Grade 12. In June 2015 they were registered to write English and History. Most of the students passed English. They have been registered to write Life Sciences, Mathematical Literacy, History and isiXhosa in May/June 2016.

In August 2015 we enrolled ABET Level 4 (Gr 9) students. They are an eager group of students. They have been registered to write English, Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, Wholesale and Retail as well as Ancillary Health in June 2016. On completion of their Level 4 qualification they will proceed to Grade 12.

Classes run from 16h00 till 17h30 – Level 4 students
Next session is from 17h30 till 19h30 – Grade 12 students
Mondays to Thursdays



Elgin Free Range Chickens is committed to growing, training and developing employees to ensure a workforce that is dedicated, motivated and skilled in their respective fields. Management continuously invests in employee development. Training provided to employees by the company is not only aimed at preparing employees for career growth but also give them an understanding of why and how business exists.

Management working together with labour / employee relations consultants has embarked on an exercise to educate their supervisors, team leaders and a representative group of employees on the day to day issues/ matters that affect our business and its continuity.

Monthly sessions are conducted with the employee groups that represent over fifteen percent (15%) of the workforce. During these sessions attendees are introduced to different social and economic issues that affect the company, its employees and the communities that exist in the area in which the company operates. This representative group is then tasked with the duty to educate others at work and at home through formal or informal sessions which include lunch hour group talks.

Management’s vision attached to this program is to create leaders, not only in the workplace but in the community through the dissemination of information and knowledge which equips employees to think objectively, and thus be able to make balanced business and social decisions.

Employee input and participation is important in ensuring business continuity and sustainability; awareness campaigns are done at the company and employees have been encouraged to submit innovative ideas on ways to reduce costs and maximise efficiency.

At Elgin Free Range Chickens, keeping the company sustainable through saving of precious resources which include water, electricity and raw materials is everyone’s goal. In this volatile economy management of Elgin Free Range Chickens and its employees, have made sustainability a priority and are interminably working together to ensure the company’s future is certain which on the other hand guarantees job security for its employees.

Implemented a social development programme with outreach to staff and local communities

Management continuously assists employees in realising their dreams, as is clearly shown by the projects currently under way at the company. In a bid to assist employees in bridging their qualifications gap management started the Elgin Learning Centre which seeks to assist employees to achieve a matric qualification and / or ABET qualification. This investment into employees’ education will help develop and uplift the lives of employees, and will empower them to in turn help others.

Management believes an employee in a good state of well-being will be able to maintain a positive way of life and thus will lead to community development.

Management has started forums comprised of employee representatives and management with the motive to enhance the quality of life of all employees at work and at home by providing them with information that will allow them to make the best possible life choices. The company hopes that the selected and nominated employees currently participating in this initiative will become leaders in their various departments and communities, and will carry through the message of growth and prosperity at home and at work to the entire workforce.

Time and money is also invested on internal and external training with the motivation of ensuring that employees are well-informed on issues that affect their day to day lives. Training provided in the past includes financial fitness planning, TB, HIV and AIDS training.

Wellness and well-being projects initiated by the company do not only focus on employees but also their community, with community social and healthcare projects. The company is involved in community development projects and regularly meets with community leaders to iron out issues of concern that might exist in the community around the organisation.



Jeanne Groenewald says: "Within my company I have informal group sessions (”Cake with the MD”) with all my staff to discuss their hopes/dreams. We focus on ways to realize this and how to overcome the obstacles they face, within an informal relaxed atmosphere. No work or grievances are to be discussed and all need to answer 3 questions:

Tell the group something about yourself that no one else knows
Tell me your most positive or negative time in our company that has had an impact on you
What is your life’s dream
I have never had to use an interpreter we manage perfectly."

"They know I have an open door policy if they need any advice or further assistance.

This particular platform was also developed to get to know one another and to facilitate better working relationships, but also to shown me what their needs are.

Soon it materialized that a large number of these people had the desire to complete school. The natural progression was for me to make a commitment to my staff by opening a facility on my premises for my staff to enable them to realize this dream.

The goal is to provide support, mentorship as well as educational/cultural programmes. By assisting them to obtain their matric, I am hoping to put the right building blocks in place for a better future for them, their families and their community.

Elgin Free Range Chickens appointed a full time teacher. We registered 25 students with the Dept. of Education last year. There have been some drop outs, but there is great determination from the students to achieve their matric certificate. It is give and take as they are given time off daily of 1, 5 hours and then they also have to stay on for 1,5 hours of their own time.

The learning centre will also be used for art & cultural programmes for the children of our staff during school holidays."