chicken farm

You won’t find a more passionate team than our group of contract growers who are responsible for looking after our chickens on a daily basis. Our growers and their teams believe in what they do, and are proud to be part of the Elgin Free Range Chickens team. Some of their duties include vaccinating, brooding, rearing and safely transporting our chickens. Their commitment and dedication ensures that Elgin Free Range Chickens’ quality standards are consistently met, and that our consumers receive only the best in healthy, tasty, nutritious and humanely-reared chicken.

I’m very proud to be associated with EFRC. I believe free range farming is the future and EFRC is leading the way in the Cape. In terms of my team, I like to give my manager a lot of freedom to express his capabilities and expertise and I also encourage the rest of the staff to use their initiative. I want my staff to feel that they contribute to our success, and I encourage them by involving them in the decision-making process. Our chickens are free to roam around and are not restricted in their environment.

Our chickens are the healthiest and happiest because we rear them with passion, dedication, care, stress-free and in open spaces. My team has a great combination of knowledge, expertise and belief in the way we treat and rear the birds. This ensures that quality standards are maintained within all the tiers of the team. Our farming practices are unique since our birds are free to roam outside with shelter provided inside the sheds.

EFRC has a world-class product and a loyal customer base that believes in what the company does. We are a passionate group, led by an even more passionate lady. I have a great team that knows what’s required of them. We treat our chickens with respect and I always say to the minders: “If you are comfortable in the sheds environment, so are your chickens”. We work in an industry that can so easily call the animals ‘products’ and we try to treat them as well as we possibly can.

EFRC is a proud company driven by dynamic people who believe in what they do. Similarly I like my team to believe in what they are doing, trust in themselves and to be proud of their work. We strive to keep our chickens as healthy and happy as naturally possible – fresh air, open sheds and lots of space. We also aim to farm as close to nature as possible, and there are no artificial stimulants or conditions in our farming practices.



On Rosenhof Farm we believe that a healthy soil creates a healthy plant and we are therefore dedicated to the production of agricultural produce grown with the minimum use of chemicals. Our apples and pears are protected with biological and organic products, eliminating many unnecessary chemicals. Our raspberries are produced exclusively without any chemical crop protection. Our association with EFRC falls into this same philosophy and as suppliers we are dedicated to creating a comfortable, healthy and stress free environment for our chickens.