Video Gallery

Introducing : Elgin Free Range Chickens 

As part of our educational campaign and as an introduction of who Elgin Free Range Chickens are and what we stand for, we would like to introduce you to our informative video which describes the practice, ethics and what a day in the life of an Elgin Free Range Chicken entails.


Free to roam : Aerial Cinematic 

Our pasture-raised chickens roam freely on farms across the picturesque Elgin Valley and Overberg where they are free to express virtually all their natural behaviours.


Woolworths supports : The good business journey


Jeanne Groenewald : Startup Grind Cape Town


Xtraordinary Women : Jeanne Groenewald


Jeanne Groenewald talks : Cake with the MD


Jeanne Groenewald talks : Entrepreneurship 


Jeanne Groenewald : Sakegespraak met Theo Visser


Jeanne Groenewald : Dagbreek: Landbousake – Wes-Kaapse Vroue Entrepreneurskap 2014