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Introducing Kitchen@49

Jessie Wolvaardt

NAME : Jessie Wolvaardt
PROFESSION: Translator by training, Food Enthusiast by choice
EMAIL: jessiei@mweb.co.za
CELL: 082 7820919
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/kitchenat49.co.za

1. How do you live your passion for food?
When Jody asked me to join Kitchen at 49, I said ‘yes’ straight away. To be honest, I love good food: I love to eat it, cook it, share it, research it and talk about it… Kitchen at 49 allows me to do all of this on a daily basis.

2. Who is your inspiration when it comes to cooking?
Healthy, good food feeds our bodies and our souls. People are all in a hurry nowadays; they just eat anything off the shelf, as it is quick and convenient. I want to cook my own food and know exactly what goes into it. Cooking for me is relaxing, especially with a glass of wine in my hand.

3. What are your other passions, besides food?
My family (near and far away; human and furry), languages, travel

4. Do you do the cooking at home? Yes

5. What is your regular comfort meal?
Home made pasta, roast chicken and vegetables

6. Favourite restaurant?
The Test Kitchen (where food becomes poetry on a plate) as a spoil, Beluga for sushi or a picnic in one of the many wine farms

7. Place in the world?
Belgium, where I lived for 28 years

8. Thing to do in your free time?
Free time? What’s that – with 2 children and a job at Kitchen at 49? I do pilates and I love to have cappuccino’s with good friends

9. Words to live by?
Carpe Diem

10. What are your favourite food combinations?
All things Italian and Mediterranean (wine, oil, vegetables, sea salt, tomatoes…)

11. Favourite spice to cook with? Fleur de sel (sea salt), basil

12. In your opinion, what is going to be “the next big thing” in the food world?
Full return to more affordable, organic food (back to where our grannies started)

13. What is your favourite free range chicken recipe that you would like to share with our community? See recipes we sent

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